Roll, Felt, Rinse, Repeat….

I recently discovered a local (somewhat) source for wool roving (one day I’ll have my own sheep, but let’s save that story for another time).  With this spectacular find I have been able to make Wool Dryer Balls, this is something I have dabbled in offering here and there but never had a consistent source of wool to continually offer them.  The response has been so incredible at my local Farmer Market, Instagram and Facebook!  Truly blessed to have such a wonderful support group around me! I have been making these in my sleep to keep up with orders (OK maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration).  I will say that I truly enjoy making them.  It’s a very methodical rhythm, much like knitting, something I haven’t done much this winter and had been really missing!  I think the lack of snow had me in a very uninspired rut!  As our days begin to wind down after dinner, I am able to sit (actually I stand, weird, I know) and wind up the balls.  Bonus (monkey see, monkey do)….on account of my busy handwork, the kids have been finger knitting more, playing more board games, coloring and just all around more creative (guess we were all in a rut)!  Once the kids are in bed I felt them by hand and then into the washer and dryer they go!



Final result is this wonderful ball of wool that you can toss into your dryer (in place of dryer sheets). These are non-toxic and all natural.  I use natural soap to felt them and natural detergent in the washer.  Save money and energy; these help reduce drying time by breaking up the load of clothes and you buy them one time- done!  They last and last!! Looking for further details, please visit my Wool Dryer Ball page!

If you are interested in purchasing some you can email me:   All transaction are handled via Paypal.  $11.00 for 2 balls or $20.00 for 4 balls (does not include any sales tax that may apply or shipping).






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