Mother Earth News Fair, Kansas…

Mother Earth News Kansas Set up

We made it home safe and sound, stumbling into Wisconsin in the dead of night, but oh was it worth it.  What a fun trip!!!  Not only was the Mother Earth News trip successful and meaningful, but we also did a little site-seeing!!

I love traveling along with Mother Earth News, their event staff does a fabulous job of preparing these events. (Yes, we are pondering Texas in Feb as we speak).  We had a booth right down the way from the Kettle Corn Popcorn man (oh so yummy!) and were right across from the petting zoo (score #2)!  Baby pigs, baby goats, baby cows, OH MY!!!  The kids were in heaven, mainly my little guy,  who I am pretty sure has farming running through his veins.  The biggest downfall to my attending these events is that I miss all the seminars and presentations.  So we are working on a plan to fix that for future events.

As for The Willows Keep, we met some incredible people.  Sent lots of beautiful  Bolga Baskets off to their new families.  And spread the love of Bee’s Wrap all over the place!  It was amazing.   I am always on cloud 9 after leaving one of these.  The connections you make and the stories shared are what it is all about….truly!  Oh, and apparently…. I have an accent!  Ha!  One that is so strong in fact, that it was a dead give away I was not from Kansas!

Natural Pot Basket